Global Tourism Solutions, Inc. looks at the expanding opportunities for worldwide travel and strives to offer practical solutions for tourism development, with emphasis on volunteer tourism via analysis, research, and implementation of global marketing strategies.


Global Tourism Solutions, Inc. serves as a trusted adviser for government travel bureaus, travel agencies, publishers, businesses and travelers.



In the world of travel, Global Tourism Solutions, Inc. stands alone.  We offer the satisfaction of choosing a company that has set the standard of excellence in the travel industry. 


When we say Global Tourism Solutions, Inc. is “Planning for Tomorrow…Today,” we make a commitment to deliver our service in a timely way.  We act today and look to the future for solutions to meet your needs. Global Tourism Solutions, Inc. has a commitment to you.  Whether you choose a trip, request analysis of your destination, seek tourism development recommendations, or need creative copywriting skills, we are your solution.


Although Global Tourism Solutions, Inc. is a new company, we are built on a tradition of excellence from our many years in the travel and consulting arena.  For information, we invite you to explore our website or call +41 79 669 6906.


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